Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I was thinking about starting a blog for quite some time. Actually, every time something bad happens to me I consider it. I think now it’s the time. Don’t worry- nobody died. And before you press the exit button- I am not a 14 year old rebellious kid. I’m all grown up, or at least I’m supposed to be. I’m not old, not so young anymore, young at heart. Or maybe not – not anymore.

For the purpose of this I am not going to reveal my name or face. Maybe one day – so many maybe’s. But that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Everything we do these days is a maybe. I feel like maybe isn’t really a ‘maybe’ anymore and it’s a plain no. Agree? Maybe?

I would much rather call this a thought book and not so much a blog. Maybe even a book. That's possible, it might turn out to be a book. Argh… Introductions are tough. It’s all about the marketing and I’m terrible at it. I actually dated someone who studied marketing once. Dated – Ha -  Ha. 3 dates and then the object turned into another maybe. Not that I wasn’t interested… But forget about it... Garbage – and I’m not aiming to make this URL into a piece of garbage. I want to talk. I think I need to talk and I’m hoping you will enjoy my rant. Ah… I’m hoping it will inspire you… but we shall see.

I live in a big city. It’s a bit too small for me but that might be because I lived here since I was a kid and I know enough people to always bump into someone. And as much as I love bumping into people, sometimes I would like to disappear. It’s impossible.  I have this fantasy of being able to purchase a big loft in a city like New York one day. Imagine living in New York – it would be easier to bump into a celebrity than to someone you actually know - it would be a miracle. You would feel invisible. If you, my friend, live in New York, do you feel invisible?

Right now though, I wish I was on an empty field on a hot summer evening, when the sun is going down and you can only hear insects crawling in the grass and grasshoppers singing a wee song. You wouldn’t feel invisible. Oh no. You would feel exposed.

Anyway, to keep this brief, goodbye. Have a good night. Come back soon.
Best Regards

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