Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Good afternoon.

I already wrote what I was going to write today yesterday but then I thought, maybe another time. Since I haven’t yet figured out what exactly I’m trying to achieve here I decided to rant about friendship today.

Right now, I’m hating my friends, apart from two but they live far away and they don'treally speak to me.  Maybe that’s why we love each other and don’t jump into each other’s throats. Well to be fairly honest with you, I don’t jump into my friends’ throats anyway –they jump into mine. As much as I try and be helpful, caring and full of love for them, they all treat me as a mare substitute. Well, they ‘appreciate’ what I offer to them but as soon as I need something –thin air, woo hoo we do not exist. How is that fair? They judge me on everything I do and tell me what to change about myself all the time – oh you care too much, stop caring; oh you’ve gained a bit of weight, stop eating so much; oh you’ve lost too much weight, eat something already – so on and so forth.  When everything is fine, everything is fine; just you wait till you need a shoulder.

Be good to your friends, especially those ones who forgive you and care about you. Imagine you tried hard to please everyone and they all took you for granted. Isn’t friendship meant to work both ways? See, if you’ve fallen out with someone – reach out to them. If they’re stubborn idiots, be better than them and speak to them first. Go on, it doesn’t hurt.., and your pride… well your pride will be alright after 10 minutes.

All I’m trying to say here is open your eyes and please don’t hate me for saying this. I’m just trying to be nice, always trying. I suppose that being nice doesn’t get you anywhere but I’ll talk about that some other time – I’ve already got an idea in my head on a full big moan about that.

And if you are the nice one who cares for everyone and only gets spit in the eye… stop for a bit and run away for a second. They will notice you’re missing soon enough, maybe even reach out to you, who knows – they might need toilet tissue or something.

Take care my dear new friend.
With love


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